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Puffin Technologies Dab adapter vs. DabCap vs. Hemper A-dab-ter

What is up Fam!

Today we are going to talk about something new and exciting... The Puffin Dab adapter. In this article, we will be highlighting the key features and explaining the main benefits of using an adapter. If you enjoy taking your smoke to another level, then you are going to love this product. 

What is the Puffin Dab Adapter (PDA)?

The PDA is a silicone adapter that allows you to interface any vape, rolled product, or cartridge with any 10-18mm bong of your choice. We like to look at it as a low cost alternative to E-nails, and a healthier option for smoking your inhalables.

Why is this important?

As we grow in our understanding of cannabis and inhaled product consumption, we have identified the need to make the process as enjoyable as possible. 

What are the benefits of the Puffin Dab adapter?

  • Cooler, more percolated smoke
  • Larger, smoother rips through your bong
  • Achieve an elevated, cleaner high, while allowing yourself to rip your product again and again without missing a beat

We live in a fast paced reality that changes constantly.. Cannabis technology is exploding with innovation, resulting in different smoking techniques becoming obsolete. While taking acoustic dabs will always have a special place in our heart, the shopping list required to rip one is ever growing and impossible to keep in stock at your dab lab. This is where the dab adapter excels -- The dab adapter gives you the freedom to puff clouds through your favorite bongs without having to fret over the laundry list required to dab traditionally. Check out all the strains you can smoke out of it HERE at Leafly.

What does the  Puffin Dab adapter help eliminate?

  • Long heat times
  • Temperature gauging
  • Burn risk 
  • Torch
  • Nail
  • Dabber
  • Sticky mess

While it is not our aim to eliminate anyone's favorite method of smoking, we are here to provide a simple yet effective solution that anyone can enjoy with ease.

How is the Puffin Dab adapter made?

The PDA is manufactured with the highest grade silicone available on the market. We use medical grade, heat-resistant, near indestructible material. We believe to have found the sweet spot between ergonomics and durability. This allows for a pliable enough seal against the rig, but firm enough grip to secure your device in place.

Are there other dab adapters?

While this is not an entirely new concept, we are the first company to allow our users to fit virtually any product into our device. We excel where others fail and not only cater to the most common 510 threaded vap cartridges, but edge cases such as the Pax Era Pro and Stiizy. Check out the Pax HERE

What we bring to the table with the PDA:

  • Large borehole design that ensures both high airflow-rate and proper suction, resulting in the fattest, milkiest hits on the market
  • Seamless compatibility across both rigs and vape devices
  • Built-in keychain

Other competitors opted for a stiffer, less pliable design consequentially leading to poor fitment of many cartridges and pens on the market currently. The result? Users working harder to achieve the same result. In order to combat this problem, we went through vigorous testing to establish a new standard in vape to bong adapters. 

Below, we have listed out the PDA versus the DabCap and Hemper A-dab-ter:


Puffin Dab adapter


Hemper A-dab-ter

10-18mm Bongs




All 510 threaded carts









Pax Era/Pax Era pro



Nicotine vapes


Keychain/Lanyard Attachment


Finger Grips



How do you use the Puffin Dab adapter?

Below, we will illustrate the steps to using the dab adapter. The best part  is, there is no right or wrong way to use this product. If you think it can be beneficial to you in a new and interesting way, we encourage you to try it and find out! The world is yours when it comes to the Puffin Dab adapter.

What are some fun and interesting ways to use the Puffin Dab adapter?

Roach holder--never burn your fingers while enjoying the end of your rolled products ever again. 

Gravity bong--simply load the product of your choice into the PDA, find a gravity bong setup, and let the water do its thing!

Mouthpiece--insert rolled product into the PDA and puff through the clean silicone.

Joint or Blunt Attachment- Use it to smoke you rollables through your bongs

Vape Protector - Never worry about a cracked cart again, store it with the adapter and laugh when it falls

Vape Stand - Use it to attach your Vape to your favorite Bongs


Puffin Dab adapter FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is the Puffin Dab Adapter Universal?
        1. Yes, the Puffin Dab Adapter will fit any 10-18mm bong.
  • Does the Puffin Dab Adapter fit any smoking device?
        1. Yes, it adapts to every 510 threaded cartridge tip, vape product, Pax Era/Pro, and will even work with hand-rolled joints and blunts.
  • Will the Puffin Dab Adapter fit any type of tip?
      1. Yes! Here is the list of the most commonly used tips.
  • What is the best dab adapter?
        1. Although biased in our opinion, we hope that you can make your own decision based off the information at hand. In a nutshell, for the amount of versatility you get from the PDA, we believe it to be the clear winner. Make your own judgement, but you know what we believe will produce the best smoking experience!
  • Why is percolation beneficial when smoking ?
      1. Percolation is the process of diffusing smoke into multiple bubbles. By diffusing the smoke, we are allowing for a larger volume of smoke to be impacted by the H2O residing in your bong. The more bubbles produced, the cooler, and more filtered the smoke will be. Many bongs achieve increased bubble production by leveraging different types of slits, glass structures, and geometries designed to maximize the separation of  smoke upon inhalation. The benefit of filtering  smoke through water is credited to the magnetic properties of H2O! Due to its polar properties, many carcinogens are attracted to the open bonds in the water. While not only cooling the smoke, percolation also takes out potentially harmful particles from your blunts, joints, and vaporizers. As we are transitioning more and more into a health conscious mindset when medicating with cannabis products, it is evermore important to be conscious about the health of our lungs and ensure medication with as few risks as possible. Hence, why the PDA is the ultimate tool in elevating the smoking experience while staying mindful of the body.
      2. SUMMARY: Adding bubbles to your smoke removes harmful carcinogens, cools it down, and makes the entire experience more enjoyable! 



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