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Puffin Technologies presents: Holiday gifts for stoners under $30

As we leave Danksgiving behind and get into the true holiday season, the pressures of getting the right gifts start to creep in. No need to spend a whole blunt thinking on it, we have compiled a list of eleven stoner friendly gifts guaranteed to make your next sesh special.

At number one, we have the Puffin Technologies Dab Adapter. Versatile and portable, the Puffin Dab Adapter allows smokers to rip their cartridges out of any rig. It is compatible with blunts, joints, and fits all cartridges on the market. Equipped with a keychain ring, say goodbye to harsh rips, and hello to milky puffs wherever you go.

1. Puffin Technologies Dab Adapter
a. Puffin Technologies Dab Adapter (<- Click Link)
b. $13.99

Next up, we have the Ooze Life pen battery. From our experience the Ooze offers affordability, reliability, and stylin’ looks. We have tried many different batteries on the market and always find our way back to the Ooze. With a supplied charger, and compact design the Oozelife pen will power your Dab adapter sessions for days.

2. Oozelife Pen Battery
b. $24.99

Number three is here to make a statement. Everybody loves feeling fly, and the Puffin Technologies “Smoke Trees” Tee does just that. Rep your herb while making heads turn, with the different Tie Dye color options available. Grab yourself and your toking buddy one, and you will triple up on the trees being smoked with this dope tee!

3. Smoke trees T-shirt
b. $28.99

While we are here to give stoners gifts , it may surprise some to see CBD on the list. Make no mistake we love burning THC, there is just something to be said about the high quality CBD flower on the market today. Plain Jane offers organic, strain specific, dank (yes, dank) flower, carts, edibles, and topicals. We love to burn CBD by itself, or mix it in with THC flower to create amazing infusions. Expand your horizons and bring some CBD to the next sesh, you wont be dissapointed.

4. CBD Flower
a. CBD Products - CBD Hemp Flower (<- Click Link)
b. $9.99+

If you are a true smoker , you know how important flavor is. With the Bee Wick Hemp roll you don't have to sacrifice performance or flavor when sparking your favorite herb. Just light up one end of this slow burning hemp wick, and say goodbye to inhaling butane from a lighter. This wick is 100% organic, coated in beeswax, and known to maximize flavor. If you haven't tried this yet, it will take your smoke to another level!

5. Bee Wick Hemp Roll
b. $17.99

We’ve been there, and no one likes banging their bowls on the table or covering random household appliances in burnt residue when getting the crusties out of their pieces. Enter the Debowler, an ashtray with a pointed spike on top that allows you to ash your bowl and clear out any residue left behind. When not debowling, use it like a normal ashtray. Say goodbye to sticky keys, and hello to clean bowls.

6. Debowler
a. Debowler (<- Click Link)
b. $6.95+

Heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? How about wearing your pipe on your neck. Be ready for anything with these convenient mini pipes on a necklace. On a hike, music festival, or plane (just kidding), be ready to rip your favorite herb at a moments notice. Get style points and functionality with this fashion statement.

7. Pipe Pendant
a. Glass Pipe Necklace (<- Click Link)
b. $9.44+

If the “smoke trees” tee isn't your speed, slow it down with the Puffin Technologies “S.T.O.N.E.R.S” tee. A clean and simple shirt that is guaranteed to draw laughs and daps. Make sure to hook up your f.r.i.e.n.d.s with a few of these as they will be bummed to have missed out!

8. Puffin Technologies Stoners Tee
a. S.T.O.N.E.R.S Tee (<- Click Link)
b. $28.99

While we do not advocate using lighters for smoking pieces(see gift number 5), you should always have one on you. The clipper lighter has been around for a long time, but is harder to come by in your normal convenience store. With a user-friendly shape, and no lighter safety clip (yes Bic, we take it out), this lighter is a far superior choice when it comes to harnessing the power of fire in your pocket. Grab a 12-pack below and make the whole squad happy.

9. Clipper Lighter
b. $15.65

We love to smoke blunts, but we hate to smoke tobacco. Hence, True Hemp Organic wraps. Sporting amazing taste, great roll-a-bility, and endurance of your traditional cigars, these are a no-brainer for the next sesh with the homies. Keep the OG spirit alive while making better choices for your lungs and taste buds. Mix this 25 pack with the clippers and your holiday shopping is done.

10. Hemp Wraps
b. $13.49

While it is easy to fall into the hectic nature that is the holidays, remember a few things. Be grateful, enjoy friends, family, and always live in the moment. We hope you enjoyed this list, and found something awesome to give your smoking family. Never forget to give the most important and last gift on our list anytime, anywhere. Stay Puffin fam.

11. Smoke Sesh with the squad
a. Priceless
Happy Holidays, and Happy Toking!

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